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Rhinestone Band Decal Blue and Gold Hutchinson


Hutch Gifts has created a new Rhinestone Decal to help promote those students in music.  The decal is for all of those who are in the Band or support it.  The decal has two colors of Rhinestones blue and gold that closely match the schools colors for Hutchinson, Kansas.  Size of decal is 4” X 7 1/2”.  This auction is for these two colors only.  You can purchase more than one when you go to the cart.   If you are interested in a different one either come by Salt City Coin or call 620-662-9888.  Additional local school colors can be found on Hutch Gifts Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/HutchGifts/

Rhinestone Decals are extremely durable. They are UV resistant and specially formulated to prevent cracking, peeling or discoloration due to the sun. It will work in both hot and cold climates. Decals can be applied to a variety of products including laptops, notebooks or any other plastic, metal, glass or wood surface.  Decal can be used for a variety of purposes including vehicle graphics, wall graphics, signs, awards, name badges, automotive and motorcycle accessories.

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